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  • 2021: Thesis, entitled "Searching for Homo Ludens, a participatory performance about life as a form of game", that examines the challenge and the participation of the audience in an act where the "playful" aspects of  life itself as a perpetual adventure are highlighted
  • 2019: Case study: "From Drama Games to School Celebrations: A Case Study of a Performing Arts Partnership with Preschoolers", University of Crete, School of Education, Department of Primary Education, Center of Study & Research of History of Education and the Teaching Profession
  • 2018: Publication: "Project: Penelope Delta and her work. From Drama Games to Organized Performance" in the book by Lakis Kouretzis "From Drama Games to Organized Performance and Drama Games in Theater Performance for Children", 2018, ed. TAXIDEFTIS (p.141-160). The publication is based on her thesis "From Drama Games to Organized Performance. Traveling with Penelope Delta" of the school - workshop on Theater Pedagogy and Drama games at Imera Theater (Day Theater)


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