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International Online Theatre Conference: "Making Theatre at a Time of a Global Crisis"

04-12-2020 16:22

The three-day Online International Conference “Making Theatre at a Time of Global Crisis” is co-organized by the Open University of Cyprus, in the context of the research project “Mapping Crisis Theatre on the Contemporary European Stage”, and the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival on December 4-6, 2020.

What challenges does the theatre face today and how has the notion of “crisis” shaped the landscape of the performing arts globally?

The social, political, cultural and health turbulence that is profoundly shaking the second decade of the third millennium – including the pandemic of Covid-19, the migration/refugee drama of displacement, the alarming instances of global terrorism and religious intolerance, the crisis of ecology and the anthropocene, the failure of neo-liberalism and the establishment of neo-tyrannical political and media formations all over the world— have precipitated a climate of profound social and cultural instability and trauma, which may well be the material of modern tragedy.



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