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Gilda Tentorio

Theatre Scholar

PhD in Classics, is teaching Modern Greek language and literature at Pavia University (2014-) and Milan University (2018-).
“Rewriting Myth in Contemporary Greek Theatre: postmodern Trends in Intertextuality and Meta-Theatre” was her project as fellow post-doc IKY (2010, Athens).
She edited (with Theodore Grammatas) the special issue about contemporary Greek theatre in “Culture Teatrali” (2014 – theatre journal, University of Bologna).
Member of Eurodram (European Network for Drama in Translation), she translated Andreas Flourakis’ Θέλω μια χώρα / Voglio un Paese (2018).
Her papers in academic journals deal with European theatre and especially Greek contemporary theatre, Epidaurus Festivals, reception of ancient drama, crisis and theatre.
In her book Binari, ruote & ali in Grecia. Immagini letterarie e veicoli di senso (Tracks, wheels and wings in Greece. Literary images and vehicles of meaning, Roma 2015) she highlights the interactions between literature and modernity in Greece. She also translates modern Greek literature in Italian: Nikos Kazantzakis, Vassilis Vassilikòs, Christos Chrissòpoulos and others.


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