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The Lover’s Melancholy by John Ford


The Lover’s Melancholy is a unique type of Elizabethan play that is taking place in Cyprus. The very genre of tragicomedy posits many challenges for both directors and actors. What’s more, there is no record of any modern production of Ford’s play, therefore this work-in-progress has been a significant discovery and stage rendering of the play, internationally. It has been especially propitious to revive it in the island of Cyprus, where, according to Ford, the action takes place.

The main theme of the play, melancholy, is in itself extremely modern and little researched by playwrights of the Elizabethan era – with the exception of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The combination of the fairy-tale element with the psychological pattern of love’s perpetual vacillations, provides a fascinating condition for the play’s directorial approach.



Direction/Adaptation: Avra Sidiropoulou
Translation: Vayos Liapis
Set/ Costume Selection: Elena Katsouri
Musical Composition: Nikos Vittis
Assistant Director: Maria Georgiou
Palador: Neoclis Neocleous
Eroclea/Parthenophill: Cristie Papadopoulou
Menaphon: Dimitris Constandinides
Thamasta: Fani Petsa
Amethus: Andreas Nicolaides
Sophronos/Aretus: Neophytos Neophytou
Ρhetias: Terpsi Psoma
Corax: Panagiotis Thanassas
Kala: Marina Vasileiou

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