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The play sexodus by Avra Sidiropoulou was first presented at the Thirteenth Street Repertory in New York, in June 1998.

The play is inspired by Euripides’ plays Medea and Electra, and tells the story of the two mythical Greek women, passionate, sensual and hurt, driven to vengeful murder by a series of human and divine circumstances. Sexodus brings the two women together in a timeless, a-local space, exploring their obsessions, loneliness and guilt, and bringing out their humanity through a cathartic process of recognition, pain and reconciliation. It is a uniquely terrifying, sexual and humorous experience of the soul in all its power. It is a modern tale of universal significance.

The production combined elements of myth with contemporary pathos, borrowing from and blending in many art forms, such as video art, photography, music and dance.

*The play was also performed at the Women's Festival Culture Project@45 Bleecker in July 2002, directed by Nina Hein.


Text-Direction: Avra Sidiropoulou
Video art: Sarah Canner
Lighting Design: Doug Filomela
Performed by: Kate Mueth, Sarah Canner




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