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The Gardeners


A site-specific performance for all the things that did not get to bloom in the school garden after a year of absence


"The Gardeners" was the culmination of the annual workshop titled "Play as an Object of Participatory Performance: The diptych of Performer - Spectator, Teacher - Student". During the year, case studies of other artists were studied and experiential exercises were carried out to familiarize the participating teachers with various performance techniques and their use as an educational tool.

Concept, Creative Guidance: Katia Makrykosta

Participating Teachers - Performers: Anthi Athanasoula, Evangelia Alexiou, Adriana Gota, Elissavet Glykou, Rubini Daphni, Spyridoula Kelepouri, Eri Kehra, Maria Kyttari, Maria Lykourinou, Ioanna Davlourou, Maria-Massa Osipov, Ioanna Biterna, Stamatina Peraki, Anna Potamianou, Katerina Sourtzi, Sofia Spai, Anastasia Fasili

"Play as an Object of Participatory Performance: The diptych Performer - Spectator, Teacher - Student" was the research field of the sixth year of Katia Makrykosta's educational workshops, organized since 2015 in collaboration with the Teachers Association of Athens “o Aristotelis” and hosted at the 144th Primary School of Athens.

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