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Catch 20-21


A pedagogical video performance for preschool children

In the framework of her cooperation with the Early Childhood Education Center and Kindergarten “zo-grafi-zo” since 2016, Katia Makrykosta has designed and established the pedagogical project "Drama Games and Book Creation". It is a participatory project which through experiential workshops ends up taking the form of a book, in which the children themselves are the protagonists. The research content of this model pedagogical project was also the basis for her thesis for the certification of Pedagogical Competence by the University of Crete.

This project evolved during the period of distance education due to Covid-19, as these particular  conditions were utilized and turned into a positive and creative experience. The children transformed their experience into a different “document” which they kept to remember the year that passed: The result was a video performance, a symbolic cinematic analogy of everything we experienced and "caught" during our workshops, both remotely and in person, and everything we missed and we would like to "catch".

The constructions and portraits presented in the video are the children's’ own creations and choices.

Idea, Direction, Editing:  Katia Makrykosta
Performers: Athinais, Alexandra, Alexandros, Vassilenia, Gerasimos, Hector, Elena, Ellia, Thodoris, Katerina, Naya, Panos, Tassos, Christina


*The project refers to the work of Richard Serra Hand Catching Lead

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