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Directing Class Projects


Post-graduate Program in Theater Studies, course "Theatrical Practice: Applications of Acting and Directing"

  • Romeo and Juliet Platforms: An adaptation in which Shakespeare's classic play Romeo and Juliet is transformed into a digital interactive play set in a virtual reality environment.
  • Pentonville. The Penal Colony: An adaptation of Kafka's literary text The Penal Colony. According to Postman, there are two ways in which a civilization shrinks: The first, the Orwellian, creates a civilization of "nightmare and prison." The second, the Huxleyan, creates a "parody" culture. In Pentonville, both happen. The Kafkaesque spirit of the Penal Colony is realized here in an adaptation of what the future may hold for us.
  • Windows 2046: An adaptation of Chekhov's classic Uncle Vanya. The play evolves with verbal communication being direct while physical communication remains indirect - mediated, as it happens on computer screens, video-conferencing and television windows.
  • Le Papillon. In search of the lost light: Le papillon roughly follows the plot of Gregory Xenopoulos' Rachel but is a modern adaptation. We follow the conflict between two "different" groups inhabiting a strange, dimly lit planet. These creatures have no gender and are distinguished from each other mainly by their physical appearance.
  • Accept - Deny. Intolerance: Accept-Deny is a participatory performance which, without occupying physical space and without physical action, ends up in physical space and provokes physical action. It is transported into the personal space of the viewer-participant and challenges him/her to act physically by clicking on Accept or Deny from his personal computer in the quiet and safe space of his home.
  • Popper's Paradox Performance: Intolerance and the right to free speech: While social media is inherently the par excellence site of free expression and freedom of speech, the abuse of this right by the intolerant voices that ultimately dominate it, is finally detrimental to free speech itself. In other words, it is the experiential version of Popper's paradox. The performance is designed to work in a public space (e.g. a subway station) using personal smartphones.
  • Creating/editing the promotional video for the Master's Degree in Theater Studies. Excerpts from students' projects of the module "Theatrical Practice: Applications of Acting and Directing" 2020-2021

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