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Pedagogical video performance based on what would happen "IF" a few hidden moments and desires would appear out of the “window” all this time.


For yet another year, the creation of a symbolic film analogy, so that the students can remember the past year at the Early Childhood Education Centre - Kindergarten "zografizo", won us over.

We are wondering, how many words were not heard? How many smiles were hidden? How many kisses were not given? How much aggressiveness was not shown? How many treats were not secretly eaten?

Tapping into the "special" circumstances as well as into all the things that the children wanted, and perhaps did not have the opportunity to realize and express, a video performance was created and  they were acted upon!


Idea, Direction, Editing: Katia Makrykosta
Performers: Alexandros, Aliki, Andreas, Gerasimos, Ectoras, Elena Th., Elena K., Eleni, Thodoris, Katerina, Konstantinos, Leonidas, Michaela G., Michaela L., Panos, Romina, Spiros


*The action was influenced by the Irish poet and playwright Samuel Beckett and his play "Not I".

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