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Directions for Directing. Theatre and Method. London and New York: Routledge, 2018.

Directions for Directing. Theatre and Method. London and New York: Routledge, 2018.

Directions for Directing: Theatre and Method lays out contemporary concepts of directing practice and examines specific techniques of approaching scripts, actors, and the stage. Addressed to both young and experienced directors but also to the broader community of theatre practitioners, scholars and dedicated theatre goers, the book sheds light on the director’s multiplicity of roles throughout the life of a play – from the moment of its conception to opening night – and explores the director’s processes of inspiration, interpretation, communication and leadership. From organizing auditions and making casting choices to decoding complex dramaturgical texts and motivating actors, Directions for Directing offers practical advice and features detailed workbook sections, on how to navigate such a fascinating discipline. A companion website explores the work of international practitioners of different backgrounds who operate within various institutions, companies, and budgets, providing readers with a wide range of perspectives and methodologies.


Book reviews:

  • Decreus, Freddy. “Review of Directions for Directing. Theatre and Method by Avra Sidiropoulou (Routledge 2019).” European Journal of Theatre and Performance. Issue 2. May 2020: 718-723.
  • Avra Sidiropoulou’s Directions for directing: theatre and method is another valuable resource for the inexperienced director.
  • Directions for Directing is an indispensable stroll into the storm of theatrical invention. Daring and exacting, Avra Sidiropoulou meaningfully lays bare intricate layers of a director’s artistic practice. An insightful tour of technique and collaborative process, while also making the case for leaping headlong into the unknown. In her most recent contribution to the arts of the stage, Ms. Sidiropoulou shines a brilliant light on the pulsing heart of the directing art. Jay Scheib - Independent Director/Professor of Theatre Arts, MIT.
  • Ms. Sidiropoulou has created a holistic work which serves as a basis for the exploration of the art of directing.  She highlights the role of directors as “instigators of interpretation” for company and audience alike and underscores the intricacies of the visceral exchange between performance and audience which she rightly demands as “fluid” in its presence and power. Citing examples from Meyerhold to Brook to Ostermeier and spanning the historical course of the canon from the Greeks through contemporary group creations she ably charts a course of action for directors and their collaborators with breadth and detail. An exceptional resource for theatre artists. Robert Woodruff -Yale School of Drama


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