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Acotaciones. Revista de investigación y creación teatral. Vol. 46. Themed Issue. ”Making Theatre at a Time of Global Crisis”


Acotaciones. Revista de investigación y creación teatral. Vol. 46. Themed Issue. “Hacer teatro en la época de la crisis global”/”Making Theatre at a Time of Global Crisis”.


The current issue of Acotaciones focuses on the notion of crisis and the different forms in which theatre-makers from all over the world have been responding to it. Τhe essays address the role of the theatre artist in Western (variously affected) societies. Going through the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are also enveloped by an interconnected series of different social, economic and cultural crises, all defined by violence and loss. Among them, migration and forced displacement, financial crisis and neo-poverty, social and political instability, racial injustice, the constant reminder that our planet’s clock is ticking and that climate disaster is only a few years away.



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