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Public Outreach Events

  • Guest speaker at the Seminar ‘Conversations with Iphigenia: ‘Iphigenia and Chorus’ (UCL 10th May 2016), alongside Clare Foster (UCL), Sarah Grochala (Central School of Speech and Drama), and playwrights Subayla El-Bushra and Chris Thorpe, discussing the production of Gate Theatre, Iphigenia Quartet, organized by the UCL Theatre Translation Forum and the Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition (Bristol).
  • Participation in a discussion panel about Menander’s Dyskolos, as part of the ‘Ancient Plays for Modern Minds: A Public Engagement Programme’, February 2016, UCL: 
  • Delivery of a talk about the Classics degree entitled ‘The Life-Enhancing Experience of the Classics Degree’, at the North London Collegiate (Senior) School, Fall 2015.
  • Delivery of a lecture on Greek Tragedy: ‘The Bacchae and the role of the Gods in Euripides’, at the ‘Summer Challenges in Classics and Arts’, organized by UCL, July 2015: 
  • Participation in a discussion panel about ‘Staging Ancient Drama in Universities’ in the framework of the Public Symposium, entitled ‘Staging Greek Tragedy Today: A Public Symposium’, as part of the ‘Ancient Plays for Modern Minds Programme’, 13 February 2015, UCL. 
  • Participation in a discussion panel interviewing Fiona Shaw on her performances of Greek Drama: ‘An evening with Fiona Shaw’, 17 October 2014.


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