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Someone is Going to Come


Someone is Going to Come (1996) is one of Fosse’s most popular plays, revolving around a triangle defined by sexual possessiveness, jealousy and latent paranoia. A man and a woman find refuge in a remote seaside house, hoping to escape fraught contact with the outside world. However, the increasing tension relating to a deep-set fear that “someone is going to come” to disturb their fragile seclusion is soon to be confirmed, when the previous owner of the house enters the scene.

The play is a foremost example of Fosse’s fine experimental writing. The poetry of Fosse’s language, consisting of pause and relentless repetition, is certainly one of the most appealing as well as actor-demaninding features of the play.

The production, directed by Avra Sidiropoulou built an existential landscape for the three characters, structuring dramaturgy with an essentially visual staging, stylized choreography and formalist aesthetic.


Cast:Fani Petsa, Andreas Nikolaides, Konstantinos Gavriil
Direction: Avra Sidiropoulou
Translation: Vayos Liapis
Set & Costume Design: Eleni Katsouri
Musical Composition: Nikos Vittis
Lighting Design: Joseph Christodoulides
Assistant Director: Maria Georgiou

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