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Pinocchio is Me!


A pioneering pedagogical project, which became a theatrical performance

The project: As part of her collaboration with AKMI, School of Vocational and Continuing Education, during the academic year 2018-2019, Katia Makrykosta designed and organized an Innovative Experiential Pedagogical Project that aimed to create a performance combining Performing and Applied Arts. For this highly demanding and complex process, she coordinated and directed more than 90 participants (teachers and students) from almost all the departments of the faculty (Pedagogy, Graphic Design, Journalism, Cinematography, Sound Design, Make-up, Direction and Photography). Through creative workshops, the students, with the contribution of the teachers of each department, collaborated in the production of the performance. For example, they constructed the props and filmed a promotional spot, a trailer and multimedia material, they designed the program and poster for the show, and they organized a photo and sketch exhibition on Pinocchio. They also provided the musical soundtrack and soundscapes of the play and recorded songs, took care of the make-up, hairstyle and costumes of the actors and finally they provided the media coverage of the project with interviews, videos and photos from rehearsals and backstage as well as from the performance and posted them on social media. All of the above contributed to the completion of the project in a final performance that took place at the Trianon theater in the presence of more than 400 spectators.

The performance: The performance was based on the adaptation of the classic play "Pinocchio" enriching the stage action with multimedia techniques, musical elements and audience interaction techniques. Eleven actresses participated, all of them students of the Department of Education and Journalism, who were trained and worked on their roles for six months. Particular emphasis in their training was given to the composition of the group, as each actress embodied an aspect of Pinocchio's character, thus all of them together acting as the alter ego of the protagonist and as a chorus of ancient drama at the same time. In parallel, emphasis was placed on the interaction with the audience, as the spectators were also part of the performance, dancing, singing and playing, turning the performance into an interactive experience.

The adaptation: In the adapted play "Pinocchio is Me!" Pinocchio unfolds all aspects of himself on a journey to adulthood through his fragmented character. His influences, the facets of his character -his voices of consciousness and his emotions- are dramatized through a group that moves, functions and interacts like the chorus in classical theater. The character of the protagonist emerges through the interplay of the actors, concluding that ultimately there is a Pinocchio within everyone, in the actors and the audience alike.

Performance Identity:
Adaptation – Direction: Katia Makrykosta
Actors: Panagiota-Evaggelia Angouraki, Marina Azar, Maria-Ioanna Andrianopoulou, Sofia Kosmopoulou, Eleni Konsta, Panagiota Konstantopoulou, Sylvana Nika, Christina Pantelaki, Klesta Prendi, Ekaterini Schoina, Nadia Hykaj
Props, costumes: Rafaela-Paraskevi Apostolidou, Kalliopi Varsamu, Maria Vrazou, Tatia Gabatze, Angeliki Karamanis, Maria Agathi Klothou, Ioanna Misatzi, Vasiliki Pinotsi, Ekaterini Turika, Styliani Tziva, Kalliopi - Maria Tsekura, Aleksandra Hoxhaj
Video projections: Angeliki Varela, Stylianos Kazitoris, Tafani Daniel, Ioannis Papadakis
Lighting: Achilleas Piperakis
Soundscapes: Georgios Avgoustakis
Original Music (songs): Naya Giannitsaki, Thanos Papadelis
The voices of teachers and students of the Vocational Training Institute AKMI were heard in the recordings of the performance.

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