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Ready - Set - Go (Above and Beyond)


A video performance created by teachers in collaboration with their students, regarding what we encounter or what we would like to encounter, and how we overcome difficulties as we move towards a path.


This particular video performance was the culmination of the annual workshop entitled "Play as an object of Participatory Performance: The diptych of Performer - Spectator, Teacher - Student" for the second year. During the school-year, case studies of other artists were studied and immersive exercises were conducted, aiming to familiarize the participants-teachers with the various techniques of performance and their use as an educational tool.

The main topic we were concerned with was the paths / routes we take (literally and figuratively) as well as the psychogeographical maps of cities. What do we encounter and notice during our journey, what would we like to encounter, how ready/prepared are we and ultimately how do we manage, face and overcome it?

Concept, Creative Guidance: Katia Makrykosta

Participating Teachers - Performers: Evi Aliberti, Panos Theodoropoulos, Eri Kehra, Maria Kyttari, Valia Lamprou, Ioanna Ntavlourou, Ossipof Massa (Maria), Cynthia Pavlidou, Matina Peraki, Sophia Spai, Chrysa Tsigarou, Natasha Fasili, Georgia Chouchoumis and their students.

Schools: 1st Special Education Primary School of Ag. Dimitrios, 1st Vocational School (EPAL) of Ag. Anargyroi, 2nd Primary School of Athens, 2nd Primary School of Psychiko, 2nd Vocational School (EPAL) of Athens, 4th Special Education Primary School of Athens, 6th Primary School of Ano Liosia, 20th Primary School of Athens, 39th Primary School of Athens, 86th Primary School of Athens, 144th Primary School of Athens, Primary School of Zipari-Kos

This particular video performance presents a sample of the works created during the workshops by the teachers and their students.

Direction, Video Editing: Katia Makrykosta, Eri Kehra
Music: Denys Kyshchuk from Pixabay (part 1) & Eri Kehra, Fotini Lagiou (part 2)

"Play as an object of Participatory Performance: The diptych of Performer - Spectator, Teacher - Student" was the field of research that concerned the seventh year of Katia Makrykosta's educational workshops, organized since 2015 in collaboration with the Primary Education Teachers Association “Aristotelis”,  and hosted at the 144th Primary School of Athens.

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