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Our New Project

Phaedra I— is Persona Theatre Company’s current international project, this time with award-winning participating artists from New Zealand. We're presently workshopping, and should be ready to perform in 2018.

Split by her insatiable desire for motion and for love, this modern-day Phaedra embodies all the characters of the ancient myth, who have been passed onto us by Euripides, Seneca and Racine, taking on their speech, their pain and obsessions, unable to find peace. She becomes Venus, Theseus, Hippolytus, the Chorus, the City of Athens itself, and ultimately emerges as a palimpsest of voices, images and memories. Today’s Phaedra cries out the longing for meaning, the escape from the void that haunts 21st century human
ghosts in a metropolis that suffocates within its ruins.

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