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Machinal was presented by the Cyprus Theatrical Organization in April-June 2022, directed by Avra ​​Sidiropoulou. It was staged at the New Stage of THOC, but also toured Cyprus.

One of the most important works of modern American drama, Machinal, written by Sophie Trentwell in 1928, focuses on female identity, the critical moments of one woman’s struggle to cope with the burden of her multiple social roles. It documents the oppression which surrounds her both in her family and work environment, but also in her desires, what she longs for but remains buried in the turmoil of everyday life.

The author is inspired by a real event in American history, to convey to us, in a highly expressionistic language and form, the anxious effort of a young woman to support the supposed normality of her existence, recording key transitional stages in the course of her life: from marriage to honeymoon, from work to a home-bound existence and from motherhood to an extramarital affair.

The director Avra ​​Sidiropoulou and a dynamic team of collaborators explore the unique style of the play, creating on stage with haunting sounds, music, projections and visual imagery the woman’s path to freedom and self-definition.


Cast & Crew

Translation                  Giorgos Depastas
Direction                     Avra Sidiropoulou
Scenography               Giorgos Tenentes
Costumes                    Lydia Mandridou
Music                          Vanias Apergis
Movement                  Panayotis Tofi
Video Art                     Artemis Tzavra-Bulloch
Lighting                       Stavros Tartaris
Assistant Director       Maria Hadjistylli


Performed by
Georgina Tatsi, Yorgos Anagiotos, Photis Apostolides, Christina Constantinou, Constantinos Tsitsios, Medea Hanna, Panos Makris, Myrsini Christodoulou


Persona Theater Company

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