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Artemis Tzavra Bulloch

Director, Video Artist 


Artemis Tzavra Bulloch is a director and video artist specializing in the digital processing of visual material.

Her many years of experience in film editing have given her the opportunity to experiment with different ways of expression, creating images that involve a multidimensional identity.

Her works come as original pieces through experimental thematic video art, in the form of short films, where the main feature is the allegory, or they are installations in theatrical performances and cultural events.

An artist with multiple appearances at international festivals has won several awards both in Greece and in Cyprus as well as abroad. In recent years, Artemis has been collaborating with Avra ​​Sidiropoulou, in whose theatrical performances she creates and executes, through mixed media techniques, the projected video art that is part of these performances.

A BA graduate of Queen Margaret University in the field of directing, Artemis also holds a postgraduate MA from OUCY in the field of theater studies. However, believing that knowledge never ends, she always seeks improvement, by monitoring and staying informed about the innovations and developments that digital art offers, and experiments with the ever-evolving forms of digital expression, both technically and visually.


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