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Enter Hamlet
The solo multimedia production by Athens-based Persona Theatre Company brings one actor right at the middle of the stage, enclosed in his past memories as represented by three screens, projecting key moments of his life as well as landscapes of the title character’s mind. These places –remembered, imagined and anticipated— are gradually taking over and Hamlet is swept into this world of ghosts, which he finally embraces in an act of (intermedial) catharsis.
Phaedra I—
The project is a solo multimedia portrayal of a modern-day Phaedra, the legendary wife of King Theseus, who falls hopelessly in love with her young stepson, Hippolytus. In this version, she bears all the ambiguities of a restless, contemporary woman, who oscillates between the desires of the flesh and the attraction to the void, as she suffocates in her socially imposed roles within the ruins of a decaying metropolis.
Promised Endings
Thespis society (, in collaboration with the TeatroScientifico-TeatroLaboratoriodi Verona, Italy (, offered a bilingual theatre workshop (conducted in Italian and English) led by Avra Sidiropoulou, director and professor of theatre arts at Open University of Cyprus, and by Eric Nicholson, professor of theatre studies at New York University, Florence. The workshop, entitled "Promised Endings: a work in progress based on Oedipus at Colonusand King Lear," was held at the TeatroLaboratorio(Verona, ex-Habsburg Arsenal).
Maria Borisova
Just like in Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground, here too, the story’s anti-hero has distanced himself from everything human, while simultaneously seeking to establish contact with others, albeit in unorthodox ways.
And God Said
And God Said takes place in a time-less, a-local space. It is happening within a post-apocalyptic setting, where the irredeemable catastrophe has swept away all meaning, memory and time as a shared past and imagined future.
Clytemnestra’s Tears –Solo
The play was staged as a one-woman lamentation, based on a modern, yet universal view on the primal myth of the House of Atreus and the archetypical female character of Clytemnestra. It makes use of several elements of ritualistic theatre and creates a deeply visceral and highly visual spectacle that transcends linguistic barriers.

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"What Lies Beyond the Fence: Contested Spaces, Conflictual Zones and Theater Utopias" by Avra Sidiropoulou 

"Enter Hamlet" opens the Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival 2022

Persona Theatre Company's new international project "Enter Hamlet", a modern-day revisiting of Shakespeare’s classic, has been invited to open the Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival on August 22, 2022!

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